How to find a good florist for your wedding

flowers malvern eastThere is no doubt that flowers are surely the heart of any kind of celebration- be it a date, a party, a birthday celebration or a wedding- it’s an endless list. Some of the most important steps to consider when looking for a florist for your wedding have been highlighted in this article so that you know exactly what you want for your wedding.

Choosing the flower setting style

It all begins with choosing the right kind of flower setting for your big day. There are florists that are expert in creating beautiful, lush centerpieces and then there are the ones that do a better job at giving their clients a modern yet simple arrangement. Google the style you prefer so you can tell your florist exactly what you are looking for.

Elaborate Floral Needs

When determining your floral needs, you need to ask yourself if you are looking for a simple floral arrangement or would want your florist to take care of how the reception tables will look as well. If you already have a wedding planner then, in that case, a regular florist will do. Determining your floral needs is also the first step to determining your budget. While searching for the different arrangements of flowers Malvern East sites are a good place to start.

Determine your floral budget

It is easy to give in to temptation when planning your wedding but make sure that no matter how tempted you are, you do not assign more than 10 percent of the overall budget to your floral arrangements. Go a little up only if you are all up for a grand floral installation. Ask the florists to break down the total figure so you have a better idea of what you can pass and what you cannot let go off.

Make an appointment with the florist

Meeting the florist to discuss what all you have in mind is the way to go. You need to feel a connection and be confident that your florist knows exactly what you require and what will look amazing. Shortlist the florists and start meeting them 10 months before the big day so you have ample time to view their portfolios and make comparisons amongst them. Once you have chosen the top three, make an appointment with them for a second meeting to discuss price breakdowns and costs of the setup.

Choosing a Winner

Review the details of your shortlisted florists and choose the best match. Once you show your satisfaction, a formal proposal can be drawn.

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